Esther Dyson to speak on Quantified Self

September 8th, 2010 by


Just got Esther Dyson‘s talk title: “Meaning from numbers: the Quantified Self”.  Quote from Esther:

The market for consumer self-tracking (the “quantified self” movement) is growing quickly — spreading out from Silicon Valley, Boston and New York, all of which have periodic Meetups where members show off their devices and share their data. Traditional scales are so last-century. Now we have scales hooked up to the Internet, sleep monitors, direct-to-consumer genetic data, Text4baby for pregnant women and even (if you hook up through the right institution, for now) consumer accounts for blood tests and the like with Quest and Labcorp. People can monitor their activity with tools from Nintendo (WiiFit) and Nike, and count their calories or their overall nutrition with a variety of ad-supported or cheap iPhone apps such as LoseIt. They can share their data with others, either striving to succeed in health games (Contagion Health), or collaborating and supporting others in reaching their own goals (CureTogether). And on PatientsLikeMe, sick people share and compare their treatments — both the kind that are sold and the kind that are almost free, such as diet and off-patent or homeopathic remedies.

Hope to see you Oct 9-10! —Christine Peterson, Conference Chairman

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