Exercise: moderate sure, vigorous yes, but not “excessively strenuous”

August 9th, 2010 by peterson@foresight.org


Here’s a summary of the effect of exercise on telomeres: http://anti-agingfirewalls.com/2010/01/14/exercise-telomerase-and-telomeres/. The upshot seems to be that moderate to vigorous is good; “excessively strenuous” is not:

These studies leave me tentatively concluding:

Regular mildly cardiovascular exercise is likely to protect telomere lengths with aging across the three cell categories studied.

Vigorous aerobic exercise approaching “maximal aerobic exercise activity” may further serve to keep telomere lengths at youthful levels in leukocytes.

However, excessively strenuous exercise such as lifting very heavy weights or leading to exercise-associated fatigue may lead to compromised telomere lengths in muscle and/or PBMC cells and be life-shortening.

So, I believe moderation should be the rule.

Let’s discuss at the conference.  —Christine Peterson, Chairman, Personalized Life Extension 2010

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  1. Pure bull that exercise stunts growth– look at all those big football players– they lifted weights when young, and don’t look stunted. Not sure where this idea came from, but it certainly is recent. Never heard it 30 years ago, and all us farm boys worked hard and lifted tons of hay all the time and we didn’t have any problem growing.

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