Brian Wang, tech forecaster: 2012 Featured Participant

March 5th, 2012 by

Most of us first hear of Brian Wang via his popular website NextBigFuture, featuring “coverage of science and technology having the potential for disruption and analysis of plans, policies and technology to enable radical improvement”. For fun, he races Dragon Boats.

About the conference this year, he says:

I am looking for the latest information for myself, my family, friends and for the readers of nextbigfuture.

I currently take Genescient’s Stem Cell 100 and I am considering doing something about inflammation, getting better sleep, looking at more effective diet and exercise. I also monitor any other worthwhile life extension possibilities. SENS\, tissue engineering etc…

Follow Brian on Twitter at @nextbigfuture, see his Foresight Institute conference talk on Timing Emergence and Convergence of High Impact Technologies, and meet him in person soon! —Christine Peterson, Conference Chairman

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