Iveta Brigis, Google Education guru: 2012 Featured Participant

February 28th, 2012 by peterson@foresight.org

I first met Iveta Brigis in her role as co-organizer on the legendary Accelerating Change conferences, along with chairman John Smart. Now she’s at Google, working to revolutionize K-12 public education, and wow is that ever needed! But she still has time to experiment with diet, exercise and other longevity-related techniques. She says:

I really got a lot out of last year’s conference. It was great to learn about intermittent fasting, and this is something that my husband and I have both experimented with since. This year, I’m hoping to pick up some interesting new ideas and also share some practices that have helped me sustain my weight loss. The conference brings together some very smart and health-oriented folks who are actively trying lots of techniques to improve their health and quality of life, and I am really looking forward to another inspiring event.

Iveta is one of my favorite people; come meet her at this year’s conference! —Christine Peterson, Conference Chairman

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