Jeremy J. Stone & Carbohydrate Concentration: 2012 Featured Participant

February 1st, 2012 by

Jeremy, best known for his work on arms control, human rights, and foreign policy as long-time president of the Federation of American Scientists, and inventor of the cross-section method of linear programming, has now moved his focus to health and longevity. Since 2009, he has been President of Catalytic Longevity.

He was the first Patron of the Personalized Life Extension Conference series and briefly explained his Carbohydrate Concentration project at the 2010 meeting. He found that conference to be “stimulating, well designed and well run” and will be attending again in 2012, this time bringing along colleague Mark McCarty.

Their work can be found “on the website on carbohydrate concentration–a low carb diet fashioned on the Carbohydrate Addict’s diet but describing its caloric restriction bonus for longevity.”

Tell us about Carbohydrate Concentration.

The Carbohydrate Concentrated Diet is not so much a new “diet” as a beneficial and practical way of eating the same foods one is already eating save only for the condition that one concentrates almost all of one’s daily carbohydrates in one of the three meals.  This follows the famous “Carbohydrate Addict’s Diet” created by the Hellers in 1990, but can be employed by all persons on all diets, even vegans.  It produces long daily periods of low glucose – and hence low insulin – which facilitate weight loss and, in general, better health.

Our treatment of it on the website provides new insights into the benefits of this eating strategy.  An important recent Israeli study shows that this distribution of carbohydrates achieves faster loss of body fat and better blood risk factors.  And it seems likely that this way of eating will induce protective autophagy throughout the body – perhaps including the brain as well.  It should have desirable effects on risks of cancer, heart disease, diabetes and dementia.

My colleague and partner in building the website, Mark McCarty, will be joining me at the conference to answer detailed questions about the biochemistry and nutritional effects of this diet.  Also joining us will be Dr. Terry Grossman, who is part of our team and is writing a book on this subject and will be speaking at the conference.

Welcome Mark, and welcome back Jeremy and Terry! —Christine Peterson, Conference Chairman

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