Matt Bell, Kinect entrepreneur & self-experimenter: 2012 Featured Participant

February 28th, 2012 by

If you were at the 2010 conference you’ll vividly remember Matt’s talk about sleep, in which he showed nighttime infrared videos showing how one partner’s movement disturbed the other (see on YouTube), also written up at Wired. Since then Matt has started a new company MatterPort (video) based on the Kinect. About this year’s conference he says:

I want to pick 5 changes to focus on that would have the biggest (positive) impact on my lifespan, what would they be? I’m not doing as much active experimentation as I used to, but I’m currently playing with how different diets affect my cholesterol levels. The whole Dave Asprey eat-lots-of-butter thing does not work on everyone.

That’s why we call it Personalized! Follow Matt on Twitter and meet him Mar 31-Apr 1 at this year’s conference. —Christine Peterson, Conference Chairman

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