Meet speaker Brian Delaney: Co-author, The Longevity Diet

February 9th, 2012 by

More and more evidence is piling up that dietary restriction (DR) has big health benefits and possibly longevity benefits as well. Curious about the pluses but worried about the minuses? Come find out the real story about one form of DR: calorie restriction—how to do it, how it will make you feel, and what upsides you can expect.

Is it an “all or nothing” deal? Brian explains:

One huge misconception is that it’s all or nothing. When it gets presented that way [people think] they have this choice: Eat five thousand calories of junk food or eat fourteen-hundred calories of rabbit food. The evidence suggests that even a slight reduction will confer some health and longevity benefits. It’s a horrifying disservice to the public to suggest that people should consider whether they want to radically change their diet. What they should consider is a slight change, because they can improve their health and feel better and maybe take it a step further later.

For a preview, see Brian’s interview on CNN.  Join us March 31-April 1 in South San Francisco for Personalized Life Extension 2012! —Chris Peterson, Conference Chairman

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