New speaker Lynne Mielke MD: Measure and correct your hormones!

February 7th, 2012 by

Last Saturday I was at a health expo addressing the aging issue and saw Lynn Mielke MD talk on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy—basically, measuring and adjusting the level of your hormones, using molecules chemically identical to the ones that naturally occur in your body. (What else would one use? Well, many women use horse hormones instead. Clearly not ideal.)

Dr. Mielke described the top nine hormones to check and adjust, and how they relate to health and longevity in both men and women.  During the Q&A I asked at what age these adjustments are needed: for some people, as early as their 30’s, and everyone should be checking by their 40’s.  Her talk included a number of facts that were new to me, even though I try to track this field closely, so I knew she’d be a good fit for our conference.  I liked her pro-active approach working to head off the problems of aging BEFORE they arrive.

Come join us March 31-April 1 in South San Francisco, so you can hear the latest on hormones and decide whether your own approach to this area could use updating, and if so, how!  —Chris Peterson, Chairman

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