Paul House, Healthspan info entrepreneur: 2012 Featured Participant

February 1st, 2012 by

Paul runs the popular website HealthAliciousNess (“Nutrition Simplified”) and is coming to Personalized Life Extension 2012 in part to get our input on his new project,

What first got you interested in life extension?

My first job out of college was as a quality improvement analyst in the long term care setting. This involved doing analysis to improve quality of life for patients in nursing homes. During the course of my work I began to wonder what caused a decline of health in people, if aging had been studied in a formal way, and what could be done to keep people healthy so there would be no need for nursing homes.

Which areas of life extension most interest you?

The scientific advances in understanding the biology of aging and how those advances can be applied to increasing health span.

Tell us about

I am a web publisher and own a health and nutrition informational site ( ) that focuses on lifestyle changes for better health. This property gets more that 1 million page views a month. I would now like to focus on providing information about aging via a new website ( and I would love to hear from attendees what information about life extension and aging they wish was on the web but they can not find.

My goal with is provide a place where ideas and experiences with life-extension and the science of aging can be freely shared. I also hope to inspire other people to study aging and do what they can to increase their health span.

Although the informational website I am constructing is still in its beginnings, I would very much like to get feedback from the attendees as to what topics in aging and life extension interest them most, and what information they can’t find on the web that they wish was there.

Find Paul on Twitter at @ScienceofAging.  We look forward to helping with your new site, Paul!  —Christine Peterson, Conference Chairman

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