We claim getting old and infirm can be significantly delayed. There’s a good chance you can live a very healthy life well into your 90’s, or beyond, if you begin taking action now.

Many health fads promise quick results from “the one” diet or exercise. Unfortunately, that is not how we humans work. We are individuals with varying histories and current health. Our approach treats health as an engineering problem subject to methodical improvement that results in extending healthspan. We start by teaching you the principles and science of health and longevity — in terms you can understand — and we do our best to make the learning fun. Then we guide you in how to run experiments with your body to see what works for you.

You may already be familiar with our first project:

Personalized Life Extension Conference

This conference series brings together top scientists and longevity experimenters to give our members the latest updates in easy to understand language that allows you to take action. The next one is March 31-April 1, 2012, in South San Francisco, California.  See the conference home page for more details.

Now we’re starting an annual membership program:

Join now and help shape this program to your needs!

Longevity Engineering’s membership program will enter beta testing in early 2012 and officially launch at the Personalized Life Extension Conference on March 31-April 1, 2012. Early participants will have a strong influence on how the service evolves, so we invite you to get involved in the beta program. (Of course, if you find the beta program is not meeting your needs, we’ll send you a full refund along with our thanks for helping.)

Our membership program includes:

Monthly Expert Interviews

Each month we bring you a video interview of an expert on a focused life extension topic, including specific advice on what you can do now that will make a difference. Interviews will include the most popular questions submitted by members.

Online Discussion & Follow-up

Our online community allows for continued exploration of conference topics and provides a forum to discuss the videos. This enables extended discussion of your specific issues.

Action Plan & Tracking

The action plan & tracking tools give you a specific action plan for how to apply each health principle. The online tools enable you to track and share your experiments with the community. (coming in late 2012)


We invite you get involved at this pre-launch stage

To join and participate as early as possible, sign up on the registration form.

Not ready to join yet?  Sign up for the HealthActivator.com email list to be notified as the service develops.

Thanks and we look forward to extending your healthspan!

—Christine Peterson, Chairman, Personalized Life Extension Conference 2012