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2012 Program

Program subject to change

Friday, March 30, 2012

7:30-10:00 PM  Schmoozing at Houlihan’s at Holiday Inn, next to conference center; pick up a name tag at our table in the lobby so fellow attendees can find you

Saturday, March 31, 2012

8:00 AM  Registration (Breakfast on your own)

9:00 AM  The Big Picture: Converting “Too Much Information” to Personal Physical Improvements
Christine Peterson, Co-Founder, Foresight Institute; Chairman, Personalized Life Extension Conference, @lifeext
Christine on Vimeo

9:20 AM  Slow Aging: Preserve Your Telomeres
Bill Andrews, CEO, Sierra Sciences, @SierraSciences
Bill on BBC TV

9:50 AM  KEYNOTE: Revolutionary Near-term Advances in Anti-Aging
Patrick Cox, Editor, Breakthrough Technology Alert, @PatrickCoxAgora

10:30 AM  Break

11:00 AM  Short Cuts to a Long Life: Caloric Restriction without the Restriction, 18 Minute Exercise & Iron Optimization
Terry Grossman, MD, Founder, Grossman Wellness Center; Longevity Author & Physician

11:45 AM  Optimize Your Sleep for Improved Performance & Increased Healthspan
Julia Hu, CEO and founder, Lark, Julia on YouTube

12:15 PM  Topic-Based Lunch Discussions (Optional, SOLD OUT)  or Lunch on your own

1:45 PM  DNA Testing: How and Why
Sara Gottfried, MD, Gottfried Center for Integrative Medicine, @DrGottfried

2:15 PM Diet, Drugs, Supplements and Lifespan
Stephen Spindler, Professor of Biochemistry, University of California at Riverside
Stephen on YouTube

3:00 PM  The “Bulletproof” Diet & Reconsidering Supplements
Dave Asprey, Silicon Valley entrepreneur & self-experimenter, @bulletproofexec
Dave on YouTube

3:30 PM  Break

4:00 PM  Be Your Own Health Detective
Larry Smarr, Director, California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology, a UCSD/UCI Partnership, @lsmarr
Larry on YouTube

4:35 PM  Stem Cells, Biotech & the Unintended Consequences of Moore’s Law: Current and Near-term Prospects for Extended Healthspan
John Mauldin, Author and President, Millennium Wave Securities
John on YouTube

5:00 PM  Debates
Testing: What to track, when, how to interpret, which need MDs?
Brain performance:  How can we optimize?

5:30 PM  Main program ends for the day — visit exhibitors until 6 PM

6:30 PM  Speaker & Sponsor Reception (Optional event)
Schmooze and explore concepts further over substantial hors d’oeuvres.  Presidential Room at Holiday Inn adjacent to Conference Center. Sign up in advance online, or at registration desk, space permitting

Sunday, April 1, 2012

8:00 AM  Registration for late arrivals (Breakfast on your own)

9:00 AM  Autophagy: Triggering Cellular Trash Collection via Protein/Carb Alternation
Josh Whiton, Founder & CEO, TransLoc, Co-Founder Raleigh City Farm, @joshwhiton
Josh at TEDx

9:15 AM  What Works, What Doesn’t, and How to Accelerate Progress
Laura Deming, Partner, Floreat Capital and Thiel Fellow, @LauraDeming
Laura on YouTube

9:30 AM Correcting Hormone Levels for Peak Health
Lynne Mielke, MD, Founder, Optimal Health Spectrums
Lynne’s video

10:30 AM  Break

11:00 AM  Insulin Sensitivity: Relation to Disease and Methods to Improve it
Max Peto, Researcher, SENS Foundation

11:15 AM  Stress Reduction & Mood Management: the Chemistry of Smiling, Breathing, Gratitude & Forgiveness
Fred Luskin, Senior Consultant in Health Promotion, Stanford University; Director, Stanford Forgiveness Projects; Fred on YouTube

11:45 AM  Debates
Supplements: Benefits, downsides, how to select & judge
Longevity MDs: Finding, working with, insurance issues

12:15 PM  Topic-Based Lunch Discussions (Optional, SOLD OUT)
or Lunch on your own

1:45 PM  It’s Not That Hard: Calorie Restriction Why & How
Brian Delaney, President, CR Society Int’l and Author, The Longevity Diet
Brian on CNN

2:15 PM  Nature’s “Designer Drugs” for Anti-Aging
Kitty Wells, Co-founder, SpicePharm
Former tech exec turned Spice Geek, @TheSpiceGeek

2:45 PM  Emergency Measures & Near-term Actions
Todd Huffman, Brain imaging & neuroscience researcher, Founder 3Scan
Todd on YouTube

3:15 PM  Break

3:45 PM  Exercise for Longevity: Finding Your Personal Optimum
Alex Lightman, Author, Entrepreneur & Futurist
Alex on YouTube

4:00 PM Exercise Debate: How Much is Best?

4:15 PM  Interview: Inflammation, Supplements & Brain Protection
Steven Fowkes, CEO, Nanopolymer Systems; Director, Cognitive Enhancement Research Institute
Steven’s Google TechTalk on nutrients for mental performance

4:45 PM  Your Personal 12-Month Longevity Plan: Summary & Wrap-up
Christine Peterson, Co-Founder, Foresight Institute
Chairman, Personalized Life Extension Conference, @lifeext

5:00 PM  Conference ends

6:00 PM  Informal schmoozing continues at Houlihan’s

Program Subject to Change