Participant Reviews

Finally! A forum of people tackling a problem relevant to every human being. After attending, I really get why it’s called “Personalized” — what actions can I do about it now?

-Jeremy Johnson

The future of health care, ten years before it happens

-David R. Smith

It was great to connect with people with a similar interest/mindset. To be able to share views, learn about tests available that I never knew about. It was a great learning experience.

-Ramon D’souza

High value. I’m knowledgable in these fields, and I still came away with valuable new insights and data.

-Gayle Pergamit

Conference was excellent & very informative

-Michael Sims

I’m proud to be part of the very leading tip of a revolution in medicine.

-Jay Lewis

Of course I went! Wouldn’t miss it. I’m so glad some of my extended family came too — this conference is making a profound difference in our lives. Huge hugs for making it!

-Zoe Miller

This was the most informative conference on longevity I have attended.

-Larry Smarr

The Personalized Life Extension Conference is a good primer course on the resources available to consumers.

-Natalie Melchiorre

Far exceeded my expectations

-Keith Collins

The personalized life extension conference brought home the concepts and the tools I need to confidently move forward in proactively extending my life.

-Konn Danley

This has something for everyone—practical and inspiring

-Benjamin Bazor

Fascinating and practical information and techniques to improve health and longevity now as well as science-based visionaries giving us hope for the future.

-Nikki Hackborn

Fascinating useful information backed by science and numbers

-Ann Cook

Just the right balance of useful and understandable information

-Will Wiser

This has been an exciting and enlightening experience. I gained much compelling information and plan to make changes in my life.

-Anna Mezhentskaya

This was the best ever LE event. Very practical. Very detailed when necessary. Very well organized and chaired by Christine Peterson.

-David Cumming

It’s not for everyone, just for those who want to live a long and healthy life.

-Emanuel Barros

Well organized, very interesting – breaking technology – speakers. A must attend conference for anyone interested in “our” future health.

-Suzanne L. Bergesen

Excellent speakers. Inspired me to maintain my good health and benefit from latest knowledge in health research.

-Greg Wientjes

Lots of technical scientific information *and* colossally interesting and accessible to the layman interested in health and happy longevity

-B. Cavanaugh

Exceeded my expectations. Fascinating.

-Forrest Bennett

This was a real How-To conference on life extension strategies. Very worthwhile.

-Louise Gold

Super-informative; dialogue; science-packed. Literally life-changing.

-Dan D.

Really exceptional – informative and motivating, filled with leading-edge speakers and audience members.

-Daniel Fylstra

If you hear of a conference organized by Chris Peterson, just go to it. Comfortable. Congenial. I think this info will rejuvenate my life. I *was* at a dead end, not now. Thank you!!

-(Char) Shara Glenn

It is rare to see such experts in one place at one time, even better to speak with them personally. BRAVO you have a winner.

-Karen Aiken

In the ever-growing field of life extension & maximizing longevity, the life extension conference is leading the field in bringing bright minds together.

This conference surpassed my expectations. It covered an immense amount of information. Interesting information.